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Business Registration Number & Tax GST Number – Version 2.6.38


Just a simple layout change in the setting screen [General->Tools->Options->Company] and adding the GST / Tax number into CRM entry screen(customer)[CRM->Entry->CRM Account]. This information will be useful along the way for audit file purpose.

CRM Account Entry – [CRM->Entry->CRM Account]
Entry 1

Company Profile – [General->Tools->Options->Company]
Entry 2

Enjoy the screenshot.

Improve Startup With Multithread – Version 2.6.36

Hamster Strawberry

I have done another round of startup improvement. This time, I’m utilizing the multithreading to run independent process parallel which used up the others CPU core. Having a multiple core in CPU and does not utilize it seems to be a waste. With this parallel execution, strawberry startup time reduce with a few seconds. But I’m still not happy with the result. I will relook into it again when there is a luxury of times.

Barcode Printing – Version 2.6.26

Barcode 1

Barcode is one of the most important element in POS. Without it, it is quite meaningless to have POS existence in the very first place. Thus, I have introduce the barcode printing using our normal home office printer. This will serve a great features for those who are in tight budget. But this does not replace the barcode printer totally. It is just serve another alternative.

Select the barcode which you want to print and click the ‘Print’ button. Stay tune for the next barcode report type.

Barcode 2

Bug fix for Windows 8 WCF Setup – Version 2.6.25


Just to recap. Earlier on, I have developed this WCF features for Android device to talk with strawberry database. In layman terms, we can use our android device or your smartphone to enter or retrieve the data instead of using PC / laptop.

While doing some testing in Windows 8 environment, I figure out that the WCF setup is not the same as Windows 7. Thus, I have made a bug fix for Windows 8 in order to setup properly.

Revamped SQL Mode to Remote Access – Version 2.6.24

In this sprint, I’m going to rename the ‘SQL Mode’ into ‘Remote Access’ to make it more user friendly to user who are non IT. If you are an IT executive or software developer then this does not poses any issue for you to understand. But it does matter to others. Of course, this is not merely changing name. I have revamped some functionalities at the back. This remote access is good for those POS machines staying in the frontline while the original database keep safe somewhere. On top of that, user can wirelessly access the database in the office. All the configuration is done by the ‘Apply’ button. It is hassle free to non IT user.

Old Layout
Remote 1

New Layout
Remote 2
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Android Platform Upgrade – Version 1.04 & New JSON Method – Version 2.6.19

Recently, got a lots of events happening including my career path. Well, I can say another good start for me in another organization cubicle. Nevertheless, this will not affect Strawberry development continuity.

Android 4

This will be a short update for Android version as well as windows platform. For Android, I have decided to upgrade into Android 4.3 Jelly Bean platform. As for Windows platform, there is a new web method introduce in JSON services.
Stay tune for next coming android version. I will put more focus in POS before move on to GST.

Android 1
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Minor changes – Version 2.6.15

Lately busy with my daily job over the servers deployment. Another tiring day I can say.

Back to here, Strawberry is also doing deployment. Although this is a minor changes but it take up my times as well. Thanks to my automation application and script which take less than 5 minutes to realize. Here are the quick changes which I had made:-

1. Change the “Test DB” to “Test Connection” to avoid confusion.


2. Include the Create Database Guideline.


3. Supporting for 64 Bit Windows 7 & Windows 8 platform. Credit goes to Syahriman who diligently help me to test it.


Test Database – Version 2.6.14


In this release, I have added a test database button in the ‘Setup Database’ module. Somehow, when user finish the installation, they need to verify whether the database engine is working correctly or not. Click on the test button and user shall see the “Test Database Success” message box.


If this is working, then user can proceed to create the database without issue.

Create Database Guideline


I think it is good for me to produce the database creation document so that everybody can do on their own. In short, you can be an app support of your own and this is why the software is given away free. Just feedback to me if things not right or there is a software bug or pepijat perisian or 软件错误.

I’m an all rounder [Software Designer cum Software Developer cum Application QA cum Scrum Master cum Product Owner].

Do download the document at

Strawberry Data Encyption Fix – Version 2.6.4


Today moods not good for me. Having a gum pain near my wisdom tooth. I cannot concentrate all my energy to write code. Focus is important. Without it, you cannot perform your works efficiently.

This few days, I figure out that my software will pose a threat to exposing sensitive information. Don’t worry, I have made a fix by imposing a data encryption to those information. I take this very seriously. Having sensitive data fall under the wrong hands of people must not be happened. We must protect the business and consumer sensitive information with all the costs.

Sorry for giving such inconveniences. Thank you.

Strawberry Property Modern Style – Version 2.6.0

Another UI change for Strawberry Application. It is quite fatigue and troublesome to get all the alignment to work properly in this new layout.
As you can see from the below screenshot, Strawberry Property is adopting the new modern style UI. Special thanks to Kozw. I love the way how WPF looks and feel. But developing it is not as easy as windows form. Too old for me to catch up with new technology and framework.
Anyhow, please feel free to use the Property module and experience the new UI behavior. If you notice that, there will be no ‘Close’ button in the main window. Here are some screenshots which depicted like below:-
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