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Strawberry New Layout Experience

Recently, I’m having some issue with my blogging website. My web vendor trying to restore with their backup but eventually not working. Thus, I take the risk to upgrade my blogging website with newer version after giving some thoughts. Fortunately, things goes well without much hassle.

Anyhow, I would like to thanks the Exabytes Support staffs with their dedicated support.

And together as well welcome to Strawberry new layout experience.


Minor changes – Version 2.6.15

Lately busy with my daily job over the servers deployment. Another tiring day I can say.

Back to here, Strawberry is also doing deployment. Although this is a minor changes but it take up my times as well. Thanks to my automation application and script which take less than 5 minutes to realize. Here are the quick changes which I had made:-

1. Change the “Test DB” to “Test Connection” to avoid confusion.


2. Include the Create Database Guideline.


3. Supporting for 64 Bit Windows 7 & Windows 8 platform. Credit goes to Syahriman who diligently help me to test it.


Create Database Guideline


I think it is good for me to produce the database creation document so that everybody can do on their own. In short, you can be an app support of your own and this is why the software is given away free. Just feedback to me if things not right or there is a software bug or pepijat perisian or 软件错误.

I’m an all rounder [Software Designer cum Software Developer cum Application QA cum Scrum Master cum Product Owner].

Do download the document at

Strawberry Property Modern Style – Version 2.6.0

Another UI change for Strawberry Application. It is quite fatigue and troublesome to get all the alignment to work properly in this new layout.
As you can see from the below screenshot, Strawberry Property is adopting the new modern style UI. Special thanks to Kozw. I love the way how WPF looks and feel. But developing it is not as easy as windows form. Too old for me to catch up with new technology and framework.
Anyhow, please feel free to use the Property module and experience the new UI behavior. If you notice that, there will be no ‘Close’ button in the main window. Here are some screenshots which depicted like below:-
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Strawberry POS Metro Style – Version 2.5.0

Ladies and gentlemen, the Strawberry POS Metro Style is here now.

The reason why I push the version to 2.5.0 instead of 3.0.0 due to other application modules still using normal Windows layout. Here are some differences between old and new metro layout. In terms of functionality, there is nothing much change. I can firmly say that this is merely UI cosmetics change instead of introducing new features or functionalities. But I can bet that in a very near future the POS layout will undergo another minor facelift to give the best user experience.

Until then, enjoy the new metro style layout differences along with the previous one.

POS Main Window – Old
POS Main Window – Metro
Metro Layout2
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Revive Windows XP SP3 Support

WindowsXP SQL2005

It had been a few long nights for me to prepare this. Due to the popularity and demand, I’m going to reintroduce Windows XP SP3 support until further notice. But Android will not be supported in this legend operating system.

It took me a few round of testing before getting everything build and automated.
Thanks to my VM VM machine.
I have updated in the download section. Please feel free to test it out.

Platform Advancement – Version 2.1.0

Windows8 SQL2012

Good morning, Ladies & Gentlemen. I’m here to announce that Strawberry is now supporting latest SQL server platform as well as Windows 8. Due to the latest SQL server does not support Windows XP and this is the reason why Strawberry is dropping off as well.

From my perspective, technology advancement is not my priority. The most important things is the software benefit to the everyone. Please feedback to me if there is some issues. Happy Strawberrying.

New Strawberry Coming Soon

New Strawberry Software

Hi there.

It had been some times which I haven’t do a regular update due to my hectic development works. To get the columns update here, the new version will be released soon. To me, user experience is very important. I have many ideas in my mind since I’m also the user of my own software.
Let me get the software ready and out of the box.