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Stamp Duty Calculator Correction – Version 2.6.41


Just to sidetrack a bit for this release. I just manage to figure out that S&P Stamp Duty only apply to RM 10 per copy. The S&P Stamp Duty which showing in Strawberry Property is actually MOT (Memorandum of Transfer) Stamp Duty. Thus, I make a minor correction here. Same goes to Android version.

Property Calculator – [Reports->Calculator]

Next release continue back to GST Compliance.

Android Platform Upgrade – Version 1.04 & New JSON Method – Version 2.6.19

Recently, got a lots of events happening including my career path. Well, I can say another good start for me in another organization cubicle. Nevertheless, this will not affect Strawberry development continuity.

Android 4

This will be a short update for Android version as well as windows platform. For Android, I have decided to upgrade into Android 4.3 Jelly Bean platform. As for Windows platform, there is a new web method introduce in JSON services.
Stay tune for next coming android version. I will put more focus in POS before move on to GST.

Android 1
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Android Property Calculator Summary – Version 2.6.3

Finally, got times with android development. Been long times as a C# & VB developer, I think it is the moment for me to get some times to wear java hat. Staying as a developer career long did not bring me further. I can develop good software but so what. Younger time, I have that kinds of passion to become a nerdy guys. I remember I did write the code so call AI using turbo basic. Well, not so smart actually. But things changed. Life changed. So, I have to move on and get what market demand. I’m property lover and a car enthusiast as well. Anyhow, that’s my life.

Calc 2
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Inventory Alert for Android – Version 1.0.2

Software Releases:

Strawberry Android Version 1.0.2
Strawberry Windows Version 2.1.3

Inventory Alert 2

Last Saturday, I was sitting alone in my SOHO room while listening to some remix. Suddenly, something pop up in my mind at this midnight hours over the inventory thingy. I was wondering if you are the boss, what would you do in order to make your business stay healthy and on track? Continue reading