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Point of Sales

Improving the POS – Part 4 – Version 2.6.53

As promise earlier, I have added the tax details into POS Menu layout. As you can observe from the screenshot, I have added a new column called ‘Tax Amount’. Coming next, I will make the POS capable for creating accounting entries so that user need not to do another entry into accounting module.

Stay tune.


Improving the POS – Part 3 – Version 2.6.52

Recently, I have been ‘hibernate’ Enter Price from working strawberry code due to my day times jobs and family needs. Nevertheless, creating strawberry baby is my passion and that will not be stopped.

Now, I have implement the GST into POS General layout. POS Menu layout not yet supporting GST but will be coming next. Just add a tax column but impact quite a lots of places within the code.

Enjoy the screenshot.




Improving the POS – Part 2 – Version 2.6.50

I was listening “See you again – Paul Walker Tribute” while writing here. Life has to live in a courage way and with passion.
If I continue to keep this baby in my hard drive, my existence does not make a mankind contribution especially to Malaysian. I hope everybody will do the same and share. After all, we are just a one big family in our nation.

One day we will leave this world, at least we leave something good to people.

Enter Price
Enter Price 1
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POS Key Part 3 – Version 3.6.35

POS Menu Queue Layout

This will the last part for POS shortcut keys. The screenshots capture here are derived from POS Menu Selection & POS Menu Queue layout.
The text visibility in one of the buttons (Single Pay)is a little bit poor but will make an improvement later on. That’s all for now.

POS Menu Selection Layout




POS Key Part 1 – Version 3.6.33


Earlier, I simply “hardcode” the shortcut key so that I can roll out this baby module. Now it is come to the times for improvement. Although function keys might be favorable but user might have their own set of preferences. So, I make the POS shortcut key configurable. This is done for part 1. Part 2 will be making a changes in POS GUI.

Stay tune.




POS Single Pay – Version 2.6.31

Last week, I was having a lunch in cyberjaya with my team mate. When coming to make the payment, one person had to pay first and the rest pay back later on. But sometimes, what if someone tend to always forget to pay back later on. I find that some prefer to visit those food court which can pay individually. Thus, I add a new function called ‘Single Pay’ where each customers can pay on their behalf. Cashier just select the item which need to pay and click ‘Single Pay’ button. That simple.



Barcode Printing Single Label Layout – Version 2.6.30

Last 2 days, I was buying some grocery stuff at hypermarket. I start to look for the price but it seems not located at the rack where it store. After spending a while for looking the price tag, I decided to scan it with barcode. But too bad, the item is not label with barcode either.


And that ring a bell. This is why the below report is created. User just need to select the respective barcode and enter the total quantity before proceed to print it out. From there, user can cut it out and stick it into the particular item.

Hope this solution save some money.