Strawberry Update – Version 1.05


I had make some changes for this new release (version 1.05):-
1. Windows UI (About Box, Splash Screen & etc) part as well as improve the left bar while showing the charting. This including WPF UI thingy.
2. Word / Excel Template.
3. Complete the online reporting where user can view the items balance remotely.
4. Including start date into loan calculator.
5. Changing the application icon.
6. Including Employee & CRM account module into property application under Settings menu.
7. Open up the time management module.

Download latest Strawberry

Property Application

Recently, I have been busy to focus on the property application. Although I have been some times with WPF, there is still a lots of rooms improvement to go thru.

The biggest challenge is to provide the features & functions. Currently, trying to finish the tenancy agreement & option to purchase document template or email alert.
Send me an email to me ( if you know any functional which can facilitate users in manage their property.