Platform Advancement – Version 2.1.0

Windows8 SQL2012

Good morning, Ladies & Gentlemen. I’m here to announce that Strawberry is now supporting latest SQL server platform as well as Windows 8. Due to the latest SQL server does not support Windows XP and this is the reason why Strawberry is dropping off as well.

From my perspective, technology advancement is not my priority. The most important things is the software benefit to the everyone. Please feedback to me if there is some issues. Happy Strawberrying.

Goodbye Windows XP

WindowsXP SQL2005

After thinking deep and making many considerations, it is sad to say that strawberry will no longer supporting Windows XP platform in future. Since Windows 3.1 era, Windows XP is considering another longest supporting OS from Microsoft. Due to technology advancement, we are gonna to miss this operating system support very soon. Times to move on with latest platform.

Stay tune with the latest release soon.