Revive Windows XP SP3 Support

WindowsXP SQL2005

It had been a few long nights for me to prepare this. Due to the popularity and demand, I’m going to reintroduce Windows XP SP3 support until further notice. But Android will not be supported in this legend operating system.

It took me a few round of testing before getting everything build and automated.
Thanks to my VM VM machine.
I have updated in the download section. Please feel free to test it out.

Inventory Alert for Android – Version 1.0.2

Software Releases:

Strawberry Android Version 1.0.2
Strawberry Windows Version 2.1.3

Inventory Alert 2

Last Saturday, I was sitting alone in my SOHO room while listening to some remix. Suddenly, something pop up in my mind at this midnight hours over the inventory thingy. I was wondering if you are the boss, what would you do in order to make your business stay healthy and on track? Continue reading

Fix Crystal Report – Version 2.1.2

Crystal Report

After upgrading the SQL database, it seems like crystal report does not work correctly. I have done a couple of fixes towards those legacy reporting and now should be up & running. Credit goes to my brother in law. I manage to figure this out while showing a demo to him.

Hope he loves the Android part.

Rental Entry – Version 2.1.1


As an user of my own software, I figure out that I’m missing the expense entry. Renting out our own premises might need to keep cautions over the costs spending over the property. Besides passion in writing software, I also interested in investing property market. If given a chance back to college times, I might have choose economic or business management instead of computer science with math combination.

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