Property Calculator Summary – Version 2.6.2

Strawberry Property is born because of my passion in property investment. Yesterday, I try to calculate the total estimation costs of ownership for buying another property. Things can be calculated in 1 second but it took me few minutes to sum it up. Well, I got a machine in front of me. I just thought why not let the machine to work it out while I’m doing a crucial decision of go or no go for the property buying. Times is money.

Calc 1
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Strawberry Property Modern Style – Version 2.6.0

Another UI change for Strawberry Application. It is quite fatigue and troublesome to get all the alignment to work properly in this new layout.
As you can see from the below screenshot, Strawberry Property is adopting the new modern style UI. Special thanks to Kozw. I love the way how WPF looks and feel. But developing it is not as easy as windows form. Too old for me to catch up with new technology and framework.
Anyhow, please feel free to use the Property module and experience the new UI behavior. If you notice that, there will be no ‘Close’ button in the main window. Here are some screenshots which depicted like below:-
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