Strawberry Data Encyption Fix – Version 2.6.4


Today moods not good for me. Having a gum pain near my wisdom tooth. I cannot concentrate all my energy to write code. Focus is important. Without it, you cannot perform your works efficiently.

This few days, I figure out that my software will pose a threat to exposing sensitive information. Don’t worry, I have made a fix by imposing a data encryption to those information. I take this very seriously. Having sensitive data fall under the wrong hands of people must not be happened. We must protect the business and consumer sensitive information with all the costs.

Sorry for giving such inconveniences. Thank you.

Android Property Calculator Summary – Version 2.6.3

Finally, got times with android development. Been long times as a C# & VB developer, I think it is the moment for me to get some times to wear java hat. Staying as a developer career long did not bring me further. I can develop good software but so what. Younger time, I have that kinds of passion to become a nerdy guys. I remember I did write the code so call AI using turbo basic. Well, not so smart actually. But things changed. Life changed. So, I have to move on and get what market demand. I’m property lover and a car enthusiast as well. Anyhow, that’s my life.

Calc 2
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