POS Lock – Part 3 of 3 – Version 2.6.12

The last part of codes finally here. It is known as ‘Autolock’ feature. There is no limit over the duration to lock the application automatically. Take the example, when the user enter the value of 2 in the Logistics settings under POS, it will take 2 minutes before the application lock itself. To disable it, just put the value of 0. That’s simple.


Hope this feature will make the POS machine more secure.

POS Lock – Part 2 of 3 – Version 2.6.11

Looking at the part 2 from user point of view, it seems like a new layout which substitute the old one. But at the back of the core, it is changing some of the controls structure. I hesitate to make the change since it does not up to my way of programming expectation. But to realize the result in such a short time frame, I have to give in and make it happen. I will revisit the code again when there is a luxury to do so.



Do enjoy the new layout which replace the old POS login during startup as well as normal authentication when the user does not possesses enough rights.
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POS Lock – Part 1 of 3 – Version 2.6.10

Good day. Today I’m going to introduce the POS lock module. Since this revamp a bit of strawberry library structure. I have to divide them into 3 pieces.


Sometimes, when you are too busy and do not want unauthorized person to access the POS machine, lock the workstation is the best way to deter the latter.
But in some occasion, windows might suspend the user account after a number of unsuccessful password trials. Thus, to avoid such a problem and make it hassle free, POS lock is introducing here. User cannot close the POS once the application lock and must enter the correct password to unlock it.


Hope this benefit to the POS user. Stay tune for the part 2.

POS New Message Box – Version 2.6.9

Happy New Year. End of 2013 and welcoming 2014. Another exciting year for strawberry to move forward.


Coming to this release nothing special but adding the new message box layout for POS. While working with the POS, I figure out that the existing message box seems to be too small. If I’m a POS cashier, I would rather to have a big button to press on. Coz, this will kill their productivity of visibility when they are busy like no other business. Therefore, I’m here to introduce this new big message box for POS strawberry.

Old Message Box 1

New Message Box 1

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