POS Menu [Foods & Beverages] – Final Part – Version 2.6.18

Coming to the last part, this queue module will be mostly use to show items which get into the pending queue and require attendance.

Let me provide a simple guide here:-

First there is a need for 2 machine (A & B) here. One is for ordering and the other is to looking for pending items from the kitchen.
Start the Strawberry application and navigate to “Logistics->Settings->POS”. Create 2 new POS terminal. One is selected with ‘Menu Selection’ in machine A and another using ‘Menu Queue’ in machine B. Make sure the machine MAC address is coming from machine A & B.


Now, start the Strawberry POS in machine A and you shall see POS menu selection. Simply make an order for each tables and click Back button to save the order.

Next, start the Strawberry POS in machine B and you shall see all red button selection. Within each button, you can see the table, item and duration order in minutes. Click on any button and it will turn green. This means the item is already deliver to the respective table. Within 1 minute, the queue will refresh and green item will disappear from the list.

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Configurable POS Layout – Version 2.6.17

Just manage to finish this quick. Due to the next upcoming release require this functionality. So, I have to launch this first.
Last time, every POS machine is configure to see the same POS layout. But now, we need a change. Let me take an example by looking at the food & beverage business.

The business consists of the following:-
- Serving their popular food & dishes
- Selling others take away items like titbits & snack
- Selling memorable items.

So, if there is a mix of items with or without barcodes selling in a single business entity then it is always good to have different layout accordingly. Business always happily to serve customer efficiently rather than keeping customer to wait while making payment.

Layout 1

Now, I have removed POS layout from the global settings and put it into the POS terminal settings. This means user can configure each POS machine based on it needs.

Layout 3

Layout 2

Until then, enjoy.

POS Menu [Foods & Beverages] – Part 2 – Version 2.6.16

A bit hectic recently with day jobs.
Here, I manage to complete some part of it. As usual, there is a login page.

POS Menu 1

Once login, table selection will appear. Please take note that the takeaway button is not yet functioning.
Just click on any table and it will navigate to the respective table order.

POS Menu 1

POS Menu 1

As you can see in the menu, the items is divided nicely in each categories. Just click on the items and it will add into the POS. Sorry for having the computer parts here. Do not have the luxury to create a proper food & beverage test data. Maybe in future. Click on the ‘Total’ to make the payment and the rest of the functionality is same as before.

Of why, the added item is highlighted in red. Then you should catch up for the next deployment and I will tell you that. Stay tune.