Bug fix for Windows 8 WCF Setup – Version 2.6.25


Just to recap. Earlier on, I have developed this WCF features for Android device to talk with strawberry database. In layman terms, we can use our android device or your smartphone to enter or retrieve the data instead of using PC / laptop.

While doing some testing in Windows 8 environment, I figure out that the WCF setup is not the same as Windows 7. Thus, I have made a bug fix for Windows 8 in order to setup properly.

Revamped SQL Mode to Remote Access – Version 2.6.24

In this sprint, I’m going to rename the ‘SQL Mode’ into ‘Remote Access’ to make it more user friendly to user who are non IT. If you are an IT executive or software developer then this does not poses any issue for you to understand. But it does matter to others. Of course, this is not merely changing name. I have revamped some functionalities at the back. This remote access is good for those POS machines staying in the frontline while the original database keep safe somewhere. On top of that, user can wirelessly access the database in the office. All the configuration is done by the ‘Apply’ button. It is hassle free to non IT user.

Old Layout
Remote 1

New Layout
Remote 2
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Change Table for POS – Version 2.6.23

Table 1

I’m back. It has been long times never post anything here due to career movement. I will be slow for a few weeks until settle down with new career environment.

In this post, I had introduced the change table features. This is a common feature in food & beverages for customer to change table anytime. Stay tune for next release.

Table 2

Table 3

Table 4