Improve the accounting entry screen – Version 2.6.29

While conducting a fix in earlier accounting reports, I figure out that the existing accounting entry screen seems to be having visibility issue.

As you can see in the screenshot, the taskbar appear to block part of the button visibility. And the scroll bar in the right even making it difficult to move around. Without doubt, I immediately improve it. Compare the before and after screenshot.

Before change

After change

Sometimes, i myself alone not realizing this until revisit the screen again. But user like you will make the software even better. Because your feedback or reports will push me to improve further and eventually benefit to others.

Bug fix for Accounting Report – Version 2.6.28

Recently, I’m trying to load the accounting report and somehow encounter some issue. This is due to my earlier property module enhancement which causing the report not loading. They are sharing the same core at the back. Just like one single engine sharing across MPV & Sedan platform. Anyhow, it is now fix.

Trial Balance Report
Trial Balance

Profit & Loss Report
Profit & Loss

Balance Sheet Report
Balance Sheet

Barcode Printing Label Layout – Version 2.6.27

Barcode 1

On top of the previous barcode layout, I’m giving out another which is format in a label way. Just provide another alternative format for printing barcode. This is pretty useful for those items which cannot be labeled with barcode physically. Try to print it out with your normal printer and scan it with your barcode scanner.

Barcode 2

Barcode Printing – Version 2.6.26

Barcode 1

Barcode is one of the most important element in POS. Without it, it is quite meaningless to have POS existence in the very first place. Thus, I have introduce the barcode printing using our normal home office printer. This will serve a great features for those who are in tight budget. But this does not replace the barcode printer totally. It is just serve another alternative.

Select the barcode which you want to print and click the ‘Print’ button. Stay tune for the next barcode report type.

Barcode 2