Strawberry New Layout Experience

Recently, I’m having some issue with my blogging website. My web vendor trying to restore with their backup but eventually not working. Thus, I take the risk to upgrade my blogging website with newer version after giving some thoughts. Fortunately, things goes well without much hassle.

Anyhow, I would like to thanks the Exabytes Support staffs with their dedicated support.

And together as well welcome to Strawberry new layout experience.


POS Single Pay – Version 2.6.31

Last week, I was having a lunch in cyberjaya with my team mate. When coming to make the payment, one person had to pay first and the rest pay back later on. But sometimes, what if someone tend to always forget to pay back later on. I find that some prefer to visit those food court which can pay individually. Thus, I add a new function called ‘Single Pay’ where each customers can pay on their behalf. Cashier just select the item which need to pay and click ‘Single Pay’ button. That simple.



Barcode Printing Single Label Layout – Version 2.6.30

Last 2 days, I was buying some grocery stuff at hypermarket. I start to look for the price but it seems not located at the rack where it store. After spending a while for looking the price tag, I decided to scan it with barcode. But too bad, the item is not label with barcode either.


And that ring a bell. This is why the below report is created. User just need to select the respective barcode and enter the total quantity before proceed to print it out. From there, user can cut it out and stick it into the particular item.

Hope this solution save some money.