Accounting Split Entry – Version 2.6.37

Recently, GST seems to be one of the hot topics which I ever heard from many people discussion. Be it GST (Goods and Services Tax) or VAT (Value Added Tax), they are the same. With this implemented, everybody is paying fair tax amount to government revenues instead of generated solely from corporate and personal income tax.

As a Malaysian, I’m sharing the same feeling how GST will impact us as a daily consumer. We know this is coming to us next year and it is way beyond our control to delay the implementation. But what I can provide here is to make this little software compliance to our royal custom GST compliance guide.

Sales Journal Entry before Split
Entry 1
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Improve Startup With Multithread – Version 2.6.36

Hamster Strawberry

I have done another round of startup improvement. This time, I’m utilizing the multithreading to run independent process parallel which used up the others CPU core. Having a multiple core in CPU and does not utilize it seems to be a waste. With this parallel execution, strawberry startup time reduce with a few seconds. But I’m still not happy with the result. I will relook into it again when there is a luxury of times.