GST Audit File Part 1 – Version 2.6.40


Recently, hectic with my daily jobs. Although HP Virtual User Generator is capable of doing stress test using Performance Center, the scripting part is not my preference as a software developer. But they are quite useful for test automation as well.

GAF – [Account->Reports->GST Audit File]

As you can see from the screenshot, I manage to create the basic GST Audit File based on our royal custom guidelines. This is not finish yet but strawberry already capable to generate the full structure based on the XSL schema. Coming next, other information will be populated piece by piece.
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Including GST Tax Code – Version 2.6.39


The newly created or upgrade existing database will include this GST tax code which defined by our royal customs. Although the SQL script looks simple, I have spent some times to change the upgrade engine in order to work accordingly. Anyhow, users need not to know about this complexity. Just upgrade the database with once single click.

Based on the GST compliance guidelines, the tax code is required for GST auditing. It is reflecting the GST percentage which is either 6% or zero percent. Well, for future flexibility, users can add or change their own tax code percentage whenever necessary.

Tax Code Entry – [Account->Settings->Tax]
Tax 1

Tax 2

Business Registration Number & Tax GST Number – Version 2.6.38


Just a simple layout change in the setting screen [General->Tools->Options->Company] and adding the GST / Tax number into CRM entry screen(customer)[CRM->Entry->CRM Account]. This information will be useful along the way for audit file purpose.

CRM Account Entry – [CRM->Entry->CRM Account]
Entry 1

Company Profile – [General->Tools->Options->Company]
Entry 2

Enjoy the screenshot.