Purchase Order support account entries creation – Version 2.6.43


Tax – [Account->Entry->Purchase->(Select Entry Created via PO Module)->Open]
Account Entry from PO

There is really quite some times which I haven’t touch my strawberry. Here, I manage to complete the GST for purchase order to create the financial or account entry. In future, any purchase order will automatically create the account entries by itself. But of course, users have to activate this features via settings. The reason behind of account entry activation so that user can use the application without having accounting to setup first. It can be turn on later to regenerate those account entries.

Please note: Account entries created by PO module will not be editable.
Not Editable

Next, moving on to work on GST GAF file with purchase order details. Stay tune.

Purchase Order Added with Tax – Version 2.6.42


Tax – [Logistics->Purchase Entry->Purchase Order]
Purchase Order 1

I have been away for some times due to personal things. Now, I’m back. Let get back to work.

I have added the purchase order with tax code and amount. User can change the tax code by pressing F5 when highlight or select the cell there. This is not done yet. Having tax amount show in your purchase order is not enough. Next release will tell you more. Stay tune.