Improving the POS – Part 2 – Version 2.6.50

I was listening “See you again – Paul Walker Tribute” while writing here. Life has to live in a courage way and with passion.
If I continue to keep this baby in my hard drive, my existence does not make a mankind contribution especially to Malaysian. I hope everybody will do the same and share. After all, we are just a one big family in our nation.

One day we will leave this world, at least we leave something good to people.

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Invoice support account entries creation – Version 2.6.47


Invoice – [Logistics->Sales Entry->Invoice]
Account Entry from Invoice

Sales Journal – [Account->Entry->Sales->(Select Entry Created via Invoice Module)->Open]
Account Entry from Invoice

This really take up some of my times. Here we are, having invoice module to create the financial or account entry when we click the ‘Process’ button. Hassle free for uncle auntie who does not like to touch accounting module.

Please note: Account entries created by Invoice module will not be editable.
Not Editable

Moving on to work on GST GAF file with invoice details. After that, I will focusing on the POS module with GST and feedback from users which I think is good. Stay tune.