Well, who am I? I’m just an average software developer which you can find in our local street. My exposure to personal computer started when I first bought the Digital Intel 486sx machine with 2MB RAM & 170 MB Hard disk. At that time, Windows 3.1 was not really fancy enough like nowadays windows. All I can say, I miss DOS DOS & GW Basic very much.

I started this strawberry baby since 2004. There is an endless of sleep for me to build this little baby. Countless of movies and music Music which I spend in my SOHO room. Without this, I don’t think my coding passion still can drive me thru till now. There is many joy and mix feeling while writing this piece of software. Time passes so fast.

My 3 little daughters Baby are my inspiration for driving me to continue what I have been doing all these while.

Today, it is time for me to move out of my comfort zone to explore online business opportunity and start becoming an entrepreneur. I have worked before in few MNC enterprise and understand the nature of servers application works. Be it COM+, Web Services, WCF, AngularJS, JSON, .NET Core, Javascript, MS SQL Server, Toad Oracle, Android Eclipse,C#, Powershell, TFS, Refactoring Pattern, Performance Monitoring and bla bla bla…

Nothing is impossible. Only you yourself limit the possibilities.
About Strawberry