Purchase Order support account entries creation – Version 2.6.43


Tax – [Account->Entry->Purchase->(Select Entry Created via PO Module)->Open]
Account Entry from PO

There is really quite some times which I haven’t touch my strawberry. Here, I manage to complete the GST for purchase order to create the financial or account entry. In future, any purchase order will automatically create the account entries by itself. But of course, users have to activate this features via settings. The reason behind of account entry activation so that user can use the application without having accounting to setup first. It can be turn on later to regenerate those account entries.

Please note: Account entries created by PO module will not be editable.
Not Editable

Next, moving on to work on GST GAF file with purchase order details. Stay tune.

Purchase Order Added with Tax – Version 2.6.42


Tax – [Logistics->Purchase Entry->Purchase Order]
Purchase Order 1

I have been away for some times due to personal things. Now, I’m back. Let get back to work.

I have added the purchase order with tax code and amount. User can change the tax code by pressing F5 when highlight or select the cell there. This is not done yet. Having tax amount show in your purchase order is not enough. Next release will tell you more. Stay tune.

Stamp Duty Calculator Correction – Version 2.6.41


Just to sidetrack a bit for this release. I just manage to figure out that S&P Stamp Duty only apply to RM 10 per copy. The S&P Stamp Duty which showing in Strawberry Property is actually MOT (Memorandum of Transfer) Stamp Duty. Thus, I make a minor correction here. Same goes to Android version.

Property Calculator – [Reports->Calculator]

Next release continue back to GST Compliance.

GST Audit File Part 1 – Version 2.6.40


Recently, hectic with my daily jobs. Although HP Virtual User Generator is capable of doing stress test using Performance Center, the scripting part is not my preference as a software developer. But they are quite useful for test automation as well.

GAF – [Account->Reports->GST Audit File]

As you can see from the screenshot, I manage to create the basic GST Audit File based on our royal custom guidelines. This is not finish yet but strawberry already capable to generate the full structure based on the XSL schema. Coming next, other information will be populated piece by piece.
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Including GST Tax Code – Version 2.6.39


The newly created or upgrade existing database will include this GST tax code which defined by our royal customs. Although the SQL script looks simple, I have spent some times to change the upgrade engine in order to work accordingly. Anyhow, users need not to know about this complexity. Just upgrade the database with once single click.

Based on the GST compliance guidelines, the tax code is required for GST auditing. It is reflecting the GST percentage which is either 6% or zero percent. Well, for future flexibility, users can add or change their own tax code percentage whenever necessary.

Tax Code Entry – [Account->Settings->Tax]
Tax 1

Tax 2

Business Registration Number & Tax GST Number – Version 2.6.38


Just a simple layout change in the setting screen [General->Tools->Options->Company] and adding the GST / Tax number into CRM entry screen(customer)[CRM->Entry->CRM Account]. This information will be useful along the way for audit file purpose.

CRM Account Entry – [CRM->Entry->CRM Account]
Entry 1

Company Profile – [General->Tools->Options->Company]
Entry 2

Enjoy the screenshot.

Accounting Split Entry – Version 2.6.37

Recently, GST seems to be one of the hot topics which I ever heard from many people discussion. Be it GST (Goods and Services Tax) or VAT (Value Added Tax), they are the same. With this implemented, everybody is paying fair tax amount to government revenues instead of generated solely from corporate and personal income tax.

As a Malaysian, I’m sharing the same feeling how GST will impact us as a daily consumer. We know this is coming to us next year and it is way beyond our control to delay the implementation. But what I can provide here is to make this little software compliance to our royal custom GST compliance guide.

Sales Journal Entry before Split
Entry 1
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Improve Startup With Multithread – Version 2.6.36

Hamster Strawberry

I have done another round of startup improvement. This time, I’m utilizing the multithreading to run independent process parallel which used up the others CPU core. Having a multiple core in CPU and does not utilize it seems to be a waste. With this parallel execution, strawberry startup time reduce with a few seconds. But I’m still not happy with the result. I will relook into it again when there is a luxury of times.

POS Key Part 3 – Version 3.6.35

POS Menu Queue Layout

This will the last part for POS shortcut keys. The screenshots capture here are derived from POS Menu Selection & POS Menu Queue layout.
The text visibility in one of the buttons (Single Pay)is a little bit poor but will make an improvement later on. That’s all for now.

POS Menu Selection Layout




POS Key Part 1 – Version 3.6.33


Earlier, I simply “hardcode” the shortcut key so that I can roll out this baby module. Now it is come to the times for improvement. Although function keys might be favorable but user might have their own set of preferences. So, I make the POS shortcut key configurable. This is done for part 1. Part 2 will be making a changes in POS GUI.

Stay tune.